My Story

Hi, I'm Jen.

I create meaningful stationery that is not only beautiful and exquisitely crafted, but is designed to bring joy into everyday life, as well as celebrating those special milestone moments.

My business was born whilst I was on maternity leave, it was the first time in my life that I found myself without a creative outlet. I have always, always had a creative project on the go. I studied Art and Design at school, college, art college and finally achieved a First Class Degree in Design before starting my career as a graphic designer. 

I had always made personalised prints and cards for friends and family on special occasions, I even once made my boyfriend a memory book because the best gifts are the most meaningful, the ones you treasure now and forever. 

In this ever more digital world, there is nothing quite like the feeling of something lovely arriving through your letterbox. It’s special, it’s personal and it brings a smile, because a card is never just a card. It's a moment, a milestone, a memory.

Having something tangible to hold in our hands, to help us remember a special moment or a person can bring us laughter, joy and sometimes comfort.

When I was eight I went on a school trip and bought a notebook from the gift shop as a present for my mum. I remember asking her afterwards why she hadn't written anything in it, she said she would and put it in a drawer (as busy mums do). After she died, two years later, I would hold that notebook and flick through the blank pages wishing that she had written something in it. To see her handwriting, whether it was a note, a comment about her day or even a to-do list would have meant the world to me. That notebook would have been my most treasured possession, but it was empty, so a few years later I threw it away as I could no longer bare to look at the blank pages. 

I want to give you the memento that I never had and to help you to celebrate life's special moments by creating beautiful paper goods that become your treasured possessions. 

I also work with other small businesses to create bespoke paper goods for their brand or business and in a graphic design role. Read more about working with me here.

If there’s anything else you’d like to know then get in touch. Fill in my contact form here, email me at or come and say hi on instagram.

Jen x