Introducing Jennifer Tune

Introducing Jennifer Tune

Hi, I am Jen and I am the founder, designer and tea maker within my business - 'Jennifer Tune'. When I decided to start a blog I came up with a long list of things that I could share about my home prints and greetings cards and the process of designing and making them, but I thought that I should probably start by introducing myself and telling you a little bit more about me. Here goes...

I started my career as a graphic designer immediately after I graduated University with a First Class Design degree in 2006. I've worked as a graphic designer both in-house and in design studios, as well as managing a design studio for a number of years before leaving to focus on my own business and to spend more time with my two young children.

My extensive design career means I have a vast experience of designing for different businesses and on a huge range of projects from branding to large scale environmental graphics and everything in between. Although I've worked on a range of digital projects including social media graphics and website design, my passion has always been for print.

When I was on maternity leave with my first child I struggled because it was the first time in my life I'd found myself not creating anything, professionally or personally, so I decided to design some home prints and greetings cards. In all honesty it was more of a hobby than a business in the beginning, but not only did people start to buy my prints and cards, they also started to enquire about other things such as branding for their business and bespoke wedding stationery.

It's taken a long time and a lot of mistakes to finally find and develop my style. I've always loved typography and experimenting with letters and words to create something new, whether that was a design for a logo or a headline in a magazine. Typographic prints and cards with a minimalistic, but elegant style is definitely my niche.

I've experimented a lot with colour, but I always come back to more neutral palettes, so you will find a lot of neutral home prints in my shop (and in my home too). I don't think that neutral means boring, colour doesn't have to scream at you, it can be used in a more subtle and elegant way. Grey is definitely my favourite colour, I can't even tell you how many grey t-shirts or jumpers I have, it's becoming a problem. I also sell a large number of grey prints so I know that I'm not the only one with an obsession for grey.

If you love a bit of minimalism, neutral colour palettes and unique typography then you can find me on Instagram @jennifer_tune come and say hi or head to my homepage and sign up to my newsletter to be the first to know about anything new and get exclusive offers.

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