Five Reasons to Send a Notecard

Five Reasons to Send a Notecard


Notecards are a must have in a stationery lovers desk, which is why I created the dreamiest set of notecards which you can see here. These luxury notecards, made from beautiful tactile paper with a bespoke wave shaped edge, come in five gorgeous neutral shades, all printed with gold hot foil. Perfect for such a huge array of occasions, you should always have a stack of notecards on hand, especially when they look this good. In case you’re not sure, here’s five reasons that you should send more notecards.

1. Snail Mail

I remember being a kid and asking my parents why I never got anything in the post, now I get plenty of post. Bills, bank statements and junk mail, mainly for stairlifts and assisted living centres, which I'm trying not to take personally. Wouldn't it be lovely to receive an unexpected, handwritten note from a friend or loved one, not because it's a special occasion, but just to make you smile. It would make you smile wouldn't it.

2. Make It Personal

I have a box in my house which contains special cards, but also handwritten letters. Letters from years ago, sent by my boyfriend, some ex-boyfriends, but also from friends. Occasionally I have a look through and they make me smile, even now. There's something special about being able to hold the paper in your hands, see that person's handwriting and the ink as it starts to fade over the years. It's personal, much more so than reading a text or an email.

3. Say Thank You

I go on and on (and on) at my kids to say please and thank you, because I think good manners are so important. We should all take a minute to say thank you, that little bit of gratitude could make someone's day. It's very easy to send a text or an email, but it's not special or memorable. The big thank you's deserve a little bit more and on those occasions a handwritten notecard in the post is perfect.

4. Keep In Touch

I have friends and family dotted all over the country and life with two small children means I don't always get to see them as much as I would like. Keeping in touch is easy, but it's also very easy to let it slip down the to-do list when life gets busy. A text or a phone call always works, but sending a notecard is much nicer. You can also pop some pictures in with the notecard which family and friends always love, especially if you've got kids.

5. A Love Letter

When you've been in a relationship for a while saying 'Love you' can become an automatic response, something you say at the end of a phone call without actually thinking about it. Writing a little love note takes a little extra effort, but that effort will be appreciated. It's not just for your other half either, it works perfectly for your kids or other family members too.


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